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Mini Party Package (10) w/food

$229.00 up to 10 children $10.00 per additional child
10 Kids/1 Birthday Child is Free (Each additional birthday child is $30.00 each), one pass for the Birthday Child to return on later date (not redeemable toward birthday party, only redeemable for a walk-in) 1. Includes one wristband per child, custom 5-balloon bouquet (Child's name is on this) 2. Party Hostess for the duration of your party 3. 2 hours of party table time, Pizza (You can order additional pizza's for your adults. The DEADLINE IS THE Wednesday before your party, before 5pm) 4. Ice cream and drinks for 11 kids. (We do drink pitchers for adults, they are $7.99 each with the drink of your choice) **NO OUTSIDE FOOD OR DRINKS OF ANY KIND ALLOWED IN THE STORE** **Birthday cake is allowed with a booked party**